Time to get those coats and jackets out again!

It’s that time of year again where temperatures drop and we need to bundle up, especially our little ones!  In Utah, this time of year can be frustrating because you wake up freezing but temperatures can increase to even 70 degrees in the daytime!  How do we prepare ourselves for this fluctuating weather?  At Adventure Time, our policy is based on the Utah Child Care Licensing Regulations, we are that children must be in jackets when outside if the temperature reaches a low of 60 degrees.  This includes going from one building to another!  If the temperature reaches 55 degrees or below, children must be in coats or another source of closed heat protection (i.e. zipped jackets, sweatshirts, etc).  In addition, if there is any ice or snow on the playground, children are not allowed to play outside.  This is when we are grateful for our two large indoor play areas and our creative teachers who adjust their schedules to include fun “rainy day” activities.


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